Greatest Hits


CD: Sony Music 480573 9 (including Extra CD*)

Georg Kajanus
Henry Marsh
Phil Pickett
Grant Serpell

La Cumbia
Traffic Jam
The Girls Of Amsterdam
Letīs Go To Town
Josephine Baker
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
One Drink Too Many
Give Me La Samba
Stiletto Heels
Out Of Money
Quay Hotel
Stay With Me Now
Keep Off The Streets At Night
Private Eye
Hat Check Girl

* + Extra CD:

Girls Girls Girls (recorded 1991)
A Glass Of Champagne
(recorded 1991)
Blue Desert
Sailorīs Night On The Town
Trouble In Hong Kong
People In Love
Stop That Man
Cool Breeze

Reviews from fans...

October 1999 - Sarah Kendall, UK:
Superb! Gets even better with time...!
Anyone who might dismiss SAILOR based on the commercial 70's hits "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "A Glass of Champagne" is really missing out. The seedy harbour atmosphere generated by the combination of the unique nickelodeon sounds and the tongue-in-cheek, bawdy lyrics is an absolute delight. "Panama", "Josephine Baker", "The Girls of Amsterdam" and, of course, "Sailor" are old favourites with the many loyal fans still out there 20+ years on - don't miss out any longer!

December 1999 - Rob, Oxford, England:
Hello again, Sailor!
I've just ordered this and can't wait to hear SAILOR again, (my original LPs having been played to death by my Dad in my absence from home). With the exception of Gentle Giant, SAILOR were the best live band I saw in the 70s: went on the basis of a highly atmospheric first album and an absolutely stonking single, "Traffic Jam" - and soon bought everything they'd done. The stage set was a delightful "palm court goes oriental with a bit of sci-fi thrown in" affair, the atmosphere terrific and their multi-instrumental musicianship outstanding. That "Nickelodeon" was a double-sided ARP Synth played with great flair and original timbres, perfectly set against the anachronistic percussion of Grant Serpell and the beautiful guitar and voice of Georg Kajanus. Couple this with exceptional song-writing skills - catchy tunes, great melodies and evocative lyrics - and you have a band that deserves far more reverence than they ultimately enjoyed. Incidentally, I still see the name of Phil Pickett around on music credits: anyone know if it's the same nautical cove?

March, 2000 - Steve, Flamborough, England:
A golden oldie classic
SAILOR Greatest Hits. All the classic tracks, plus a bonus CD - Bargain! A collection of songs relating to sailors, obviously written by someone who has seen the world... Enjoy!

May 2000 - Colin Gibson, Middlesbrough, England:
Absolutely brilliant for all SAILOR fans!
I have been trying for years to replace all the albums with CD's without success.... until now. I can hardly believe it is 26 years since I first heard these tracks but they are timeless. A must for all real SAILOR fans. The 1991 recordings of Girls Girls Girls and Glass of Champagne are excellent and THE NEW TRACK "La Cumbia" is like they have never been away... wish they were back. A bargain - buy it!

February 2002:
Radio louder...
When a SAILOR song is played somewhere on the radio you automatically turn the radio louder. It's still nice to listen to this really good pop-music with the flair of distance and adventour after 25 years, you remember the old hits and SAILOR's performances at "Disco" or at the "Musikladen". The songs are as fresh as in the 70s, you still enjoy listening to the classics "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls" after all these years, but the rather unknown songs are full of diversities. And the voice of Georg Kajanus fits perfectly. But it's a shame thet the title "Down By The Docks", with which SAILOR tried to do something completely different, is not included on this CD once again. Because of this only 4 stars for this CD. This CD is a good start for all of you who don't know SAILOR that well. So, next time you should turn your radio louder and watch out, it might be a SAILOR song...

November 2002:
This album includes a colourful and well-chosen mixture of all previously released albums of the band SAILOR. It is a true pleasure to listen to it, not only for the ears of real SAILOR-fans but also for the ears of people who know what REAL HANDMADE MAGICAL MUSIC means.


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