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CD: BMG 74321 18545 2

Georg Kajanus: acoustic & electric 12 string guitars, charango, "Klockwork machinery" on Memory Lane, lead vocals
Henry Marsh: Nickelodeon, accordion, piano, vocals
Phil Pickett: bass Nickelodeon, cruz bass, piano, vocals
Grant Serpell: drums, percussion, vocals

La Cumbia
The Secretary
Memory Lane
Knock Knock
Big Bamboo
St. John (St. Jean)
Girls Girls Girls (1991)
A Glass Of Champagne (1991)
Precious Form
Street Lamp
It Takes Two To Tango
Latino Lover
Mambo Loco

Music and words by Georg Kajanus.
All tracks published by K-Works Music Ltd except songs 9, 10 published by Morris/Chappel and songs 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 published by K-Works Music Ltd / MdW.
Photography by Esser & Strauss Studios. Photo of Georg Kajanus by Robin Chapekar

Reviews from fans...

July 2000 - Jerry D. Withers, Pasco, USA:
If you missed the return of Georg Kajanus and Co. when it happened on RCA back in 1991 (after an 11-year hiatus!), here's your chance to catch up. Yes, it's the original quartet (GK, Phil Pickett, Henry Marsh and Grant Serpell), sounding even better than they did on their classic Epic albums (if that's possible). This compilation combined the entire "comeback" album (SAILOR) with six tracks from their follow-up (STREET LAMP) (a mistake, as both albums in their entirety could fit on a single CD). All of the RCA hits are here (La Cumbia, The Secretary, Music, Knock Knock, Latino Lover, It Takes 2 To Tango, and Precious Form), plus remakes of their two biggest 70's hits (A Glass Of Champagne and Girls, Girls, Girls -- of course). And the rest of it isn't bad, either. Unlike that fake "The Great Sailor", THIS is the real deal! ...If you wonder what fun pop music is SUPPOSED to sound like, I strongly suggest you do likewise.

December 2001 - Alan Miller, Palatine, USA:
As an american with limited access to the European music scene, I was quite excited to find this SAILOR CD available. I was first introduced to SAILOR in the mid 70's by my Danish Exchange Student Brother. It is SAILOR in all their classic glory, but with one improvement, improved studio production. Their music has always been fun, with great lyrics and music with a beat. "The Secretary" is three minutes of pure pop pleasure. I love how the band moves without missing a beat from the latin feel on songs "La Cumbia" and "Mambo Loco" to the ballads "Memory Lane and "Street Lamp". The CD also gives you a taste of how the band's sound has changed with two of their best songs from the 70's rerecorded. I feel it helped with "Girls Girls Girls" but not "A Glass of Champagne". If your a SAILOR fan this CD is only disappointing because it appears to be a combination of two albums worth of material compressed into one CD when it should have been possible to put every song from both albums on it. If you haven't experienced the SAILOR sound this is a great place to start. There is no other group like them around.

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