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Concert Dates 2017

We post everything we know about future concerts and TV shows here. So, if you can't find details below, we don't have them yet!
We always do our best to assure that all the concert dates published here are correct, but sometimes there might be last minute changes or cancellations.

  • There are no concert dates at the moment. As soon as any come in they will be posted here!



But if you'd still like to hear some SAILOR songs live, plus a lot more musical fun, check out the...

Pete Lincoln Solo Concert Dates 2017

Ex-SAILOR captain Pete Lincoln is on tour - not only as the singer of The Sweet, but also with his great project FRONTM3N together with Peter Howarth (The Hollies) and Mick Wilson (10CC), and of course at his marvellous solo concerts.
You can find his solo concert dates as well as dates with with The Sweet
and FRONTM3N at


11 November 2017:

albums "Opera Electronica" and "2-TiME" released on Angel Air Records, including bonus tracks

The following newsletter reached us from Georg Kajanus. He writes:

Hi everyone.
Sorry for the long silence (again!), but I’ve been busy preparing for the worldwide commercial re-releases by UK independent record label, Angel Air Records, of remastered versions of DATA's albums Opera Electronica and 2-TiME (both featuring 2 bonus tracks) on CD and downloads on November 3, 2017. (Link:
DATA at Angel Air.)
“Blending Italo-disco, Giorgio Moroder, ABBA and Telex influences, DATA befriended synthetic experimentation with melodic pop sensibility to great effect”.

Opera Electronica CD Track Listing:
1. Cuckooland
2. I Want To Know
3. Fallout
4. Fever Of Love
5. Star
6. Left Right Centre
7. Life On Video
8. Armageddon
9. Boys Will Be Boys
10. Opera Electronica
11. Politics
12. Talk

2-TiME CD Track Listing
1. Physical Asylum
2. Living Inside Me
3. A-O (No Bungalow)
4. Plastic Money
5. Data Plata
6. Bilbao
7. Musique Electronique
8. Romy Haag
9. Cool Passion
10. Silver Tongued Heroes
11. Living Inside Me (Razormaid Remix 1983)
12. Romy Haag (Matt Pop Mix, 2017 remaster)

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster

"Connecting my present with the past: photo manipulation by BW."



11 November 2017:

New FRONTM3N single

The first single of FRONTM3N - Pete Lincoln (The Sweet, SAILOR), Peter Howarth (The Hollies) and Mick Wilson (10CC) - was just released. You can buy the download-single now from all the usual online music stores.
The three musicians already know each other since their work for Sir Cliff Richard in the 90s and have created this special project with songs from all their bands and projects. This is also why their first single is "Lucky Lips".
Also check them out on their tour (dates below or at

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster



25 September 2017:

Book: Calmer Chameleon - Adventures Of A Songwriter
by Phil Pickett

Please check out Phil's brand new book "Calmer Chameleon - Adventures Of A Songwriter"
and his corresponding Facebook page for it, on which he will bring you more information and photos:

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster



11 June 2017:

's Oliver Marsh at the R.SA Festival in Schwarzenberg

Yesterday, SAILOR were meant to play at the R.SA Festival in Schwarzenberg (Germany) for the first time in over 3 years. But the band only consists of Henry Marsh and Oliver Marsh at the moment after Phil Pickett's departure last year. And Henry recently had a hip operation from which he is still recovering. So, instead of cancelling, captain Oliver took on the difficult and brave job of entertaining the enormous crowd at the Schwarzenberg festival on his own, with a backing track made by Henry especially for the occasion that included the rest of the music and his backing vocals.
The audience ended up being so impressed by Oliver's voice that the crowd requested an additional encore and he sang a second "Con Te Partiṛ".
You can see some photos and also my first video bits of this impressive special day below. Enjoy!


  • Here are some first impressions of SAILOR's Oliver Marsh in Schwarzenberg (Germany) on 10 June 2017 - some bits "A Glass Of Champagne", "The Secretary", "Girls Girls Girls", "La Cumbia" and the big finale with "Con Te Partiṛ" - performed twice because the audience couldn't get enough of his voice:

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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07 May 2017:

Rob and Chitty...

In case you ever need something magical... check out what ex-SAILOR Rob Alderton has created:

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster



04 March 2017:

"Handmade" the radio show now hosted by Katrin Wagner
with regular SAILOR and SAILOR-related music

As you may know my brother Karsten created and hosted his own radio show "Handmade" at our local radio station "Freies Radio Kassel" for almost 17 years. After his death in October 2016 I didn't want his proud project to fall silent, so that you can now listen to me every second Wednesday from 8 pm CET on. In commemoration of Karsten, my version of "Handmade" will continue to play all kinds of handmade music, stories about concerts we saw and much much more.
Of course it will also include SAILOR and SAILOR-related music every week.
The next show on Wednesday 08 March 2017 will feature some rarities of SAILOR and Georg Kajanus, and also music from Pete Lincoln.

You can listen to "Handmade" every second Wednesday in even weeks, 8 - 9 pm CET
in and around Kassel via radio: UKW 105,8 MHz
and worldwide via live-stream at
(or just click the button on the right).

Find out more here:

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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27 December 2016:

Phil Pickett has left

The following words are taken from the 2016 re-release of the book "SAILOR - The Official Biography" by James McCarraher, page 255.
I found this message about Phil having decided to leave the band when I got and read the book a little while ago. Obviously something to share here. So this is what Phil says in the book:

"(...) With Georg deciding to give up live performances in 1995 and being replaced by the formidable virtuosity of Pete Lincoln, and afterwards other personnel changes over subsequent years including the arrival at various times of both of Henry's supremely talented sons, Tom, on drums, and Ollie, on lead vocals, I soldiered (or 'sailored!') on as the ship's anchorman throughout all these changes, having been (as recently reminded by Henry) the only consistent member of SAILOR since its formation in 1973. The sheer fun, laughter and special companionship of these years still make me smile every day of my life.
All referred to above are my dearest friends and I love them to bits, but sadly in regard to performing in future, all good things have to come to an end at some time, and earlier this year I too the decision with a heavy heart to no longer take part in live shows having given the performance aspect of my career the best part of my life for the last 40 years. Primarily, my decision was due not just to the question of 'Am I too old to be doing this?' (which is rubbish - as long as the audiences are there, why on earth not if you can still stand up!) but also due to regularly growing management and recording committments - that, and a need after 40 years to occasionally enjoy home life at weekends and not in a tent somewhere in Northern Europe!
But how can one 'leave' something that is so firmly embedded in one's soul? Or the part that I have played in the unique, revolutionary and incomparable musical adventure that is SAILOR? This is something I find very hard to imagine. Also having such close association with the name for so long, I supposed it's hard to use the word 'never' when it comes to recording again - or even on a VERY special occasion, perhaps even a 'final' performance somewhere if the circumstances were exceptional. We will see...
But right now, this is a special moment for me to share with you and savour as I thank everyone in the SAILOR family, especially my band colleagues, all those that over the years have helped SAILOR in a professional capacity, my own family, James, who has written this book you are reading - and above all, the loyalty and devotion of our many fans... from the bottom of my heart, thank your for making all of the music possible."
Phil Pickett June 22nd 2016

After this message, James' book continues by saying "SAILOR will continue, with Henry and Ollie at the helm. Coming to a theatre near you..."

Obviously this means that there will be some kind of new SAILOR out there on the stages for us. As soon as I know anything more about the how, where and when, you will of course find the information at this place right here.

We'll miss you aboard the SAILOR ship, Phil. Thanks for so many shows and years of music and fun and special memories. Thanks for being the only band member who was there at all my 118 SAILOR concerts. Ahoy!

All the best for the new year and thanks for your support of this little fan-website!

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster



It is with deep sadness that I need to tell you that my brother Karsten Wagner passed away on 16 October 2016 after long illness. .
We shared almost all SAILOR and SAILOR-related journeys over the years and were lucky to become a part of a marvellous crew of band members, fans and friends.
We'll miss you, Cap K!

Thanks to Georg Kajanus for the lovely tribute on his Facebook page:

and to all SAILORs - old and new - and all the wonderful fans/friends out there for your support.

~ Katrin
your webmaster



20 November 2016:

  New FRONTM3N DVD released this month
with Pete Lincoln (ex-SAILOR, The Sweet), Peter Howarth (The Hollies) and Mick Wilson (10CC)

Still looking for a great Christmas present? The first live DVD of FRONTM3N - Pete Lincoln (The Sweet, SAILOR), Peter Howarth (The Hollies) and Mick Wilson (10CC) - will be released on 25 November 2016. It was recorded at their concert on 31 January 2016 at the Passionskirche in Berlin.
The three musicians already know each other since their work for Sir Cliff Richard in the 90s and have now started this special projects with songs from all their bands and projects.
I was lucky enough to see their very first concert on the day before this recording with some friends (in Krefeld, Germany on 30 January 2016) and it was simply marvellous.
Also check them out on their tour (dates at

Tracklist of the DVD:
Bus Stop, CoCo / Poppa Joe, The Things We Do For Love, What She Wants, Here I Go Again, Sandy, All At Sea, Love Is Like Oxygen, You Got It, Look Through Any Window, Rubber Bullets, Move It, Fox On The Run, Donna, He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother, A Glass Of Champagne, Carrie, I’m Not In Love, Long Cool Woman, Ballroom Blitz, The Air That I Breathe, Lucky Lips, Dreadlock Holiday

Order via the webshop at or other online stores like

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster



20 September 2016:

Book: The Official Biography
by James McCarraher
Updated version of the 2004 book "A Glass Of Champagne - The Official SAILOR Story"

The one and only SAILOR biography by James McCarraher - which was originally released as "A Glass Of Champagne - The Official SAILOR Story" in 2004 - will be re-released this month by Wymer Press.
This new edition includes two brand new chapters (7,000 words) which bring the story bang up to date and is available now from

German fans: You can also find it on via this link:

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster


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