Wiehl-Bielstein, Germany - 12 June 1999

Event: Brauerei Open Air Oldie Night
Location: Biergarten der Erzquell Brauerei
Admittance: 4.30 pm
Beginning: 6 pm
Bands: Chip Hawkes, Middle Of The Road (with Sally Carr), The Troggs, SAILOR

Photos by: Christel Müller, Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Michael Wilken, Gerd Schwonke, Lody Scheffer

Phil, Grant and Henry during "Mack The Knife"


Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

Grant, Henry (with his chicken-hat) and Peter during "Cotton eye Joe"

SAILOR performing their special encore

The songs that SAILOR played in Wiehl-Bielstein:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Mack The Knife
The Secretary
Cotton Eye Joe (Irish medley)
Pop Muzik
Girls Girls Girls
Catwalk Girls
Champagne Reprise

The "Full Monty"
Latino Medley
La Cumbia

Henry and Phil are looking at photos and Internet material together with their fans in front of the hotel
(left to right: Michael, Andreas, Henry, Lody, Phil, Gerd, Katrin, Piet)

Lody together with Peter

Karsten and Katrin together with Peter...

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

Karsten and I leave our hometown Kassel at 9 o'clock in the morning. This time we have to drive to the SAILOR performance near Cologne with my car. At 11.20 am we reach the small town Wiehl and decide to have a look at the hotel Wiehl-Bielstein Fanmix 1999where SAILOR are going to stay today.
During the next few hours we spend the time waiting for SAILOR in the hotel. At 2 o´clock our friend Christel reaches the hotel too. She has already had a look at the area where the Oldie night will take place later. There she has also met another fan named Michael (from Bremen, Germany) who has got to know about this SAILOR performance in the Internet a few days ago. Christel and Michael spend the following time together with Karsten and me, waiting for SAILOR.
The first really interesting thing that happens a short time later is the arrival of SAILOR´s manager. He talks to us for a while and tells us that SAILOR have had a performance in Denmark yesterday. Unfortunately we did not know anything about this until now, but at least we now know that it might take a few hours more until SAILOR will arrive here...
At 4 pm I decide to go outside and search for the hotel in which Lody Scheffer and Gerd Schwonke want to stay today. I discover that their hotel is in the same road and not very far away from SAILOR´s hotel. As soon as I open the door I am welcomed by Gerd Schwonke, who proudly shows me his new, self- made SAILOR T- shirt (which looks marvellous). Then he fetches Lody and
his brother Pieter, so that we can finally welcome each other as well.
While Lody, Pieter and Gerd drive to the place where the Oldie night will start soon, I go back to SAILOR´s hotel, so that Karsten, Christel, Michael and I can keep on waiting for the boys there.
30 minutes later we finally see SAILOR´s huge blue car driving into the direction of the hotel. SAILOR have had quite a long drive and are very tired, but in spite of this they welcome us in front of the hotel and talk to us there. Afterwards they welcome the other bands, who are sitting in the bar which belongs to the hotel, and then they go to their rooms in order to sleep for a while.
It seems to be quite useless to stay in the hotel in order to wait until SAILOR come back to us, because they are probably going to sleep until they will be driven to the show in the evening. That´s why we decide to drive to the concert area of the local brewery now. Karsten and I take my car, and Michael wants to drive with Christel. Fortunately, SAILOR´s roadies now also drive to the Oldie night in order to leave the Nickelodeon and the other instruments there. So we can easily follow their car and don´t have any difficulties in finding the place.
Having reached the place where the Oldie night has already started, SAILOR´s roadies drive to the backstage area, while we try to find parking spaces for our cars somewhere outside the area. The place is already completely full of cars, but Christel is fortunately able to leave her car there, and we are also able to stay here because Michael, who has left his car here earlier, allows me to stay on his parking space, right behind his car. - Then we go to the entrance and enter the area of the "Golden Oldie night 99" in Wiehl- Bielstein.
The performance of the first band - Chip Hawkes (who performed here because two members of "The Marmelade" could not come) - is already over, and "Middle Of The Road" are playing at the moment. The open air area looks quite nice, and the stage is placed on a small hill, and the audience (approximately 3000 people) seems to be in quite a good mood.
A short time later we discover two more SAILOR fans in the first row of the audience: Andreas Boose (from Gelsenkirchen, Germany) and Heiner Imdahl (from Mönchengladbach, Germany). They leave their places in front of the stage in order to come to us. Then we talk for a while and watch the performances of Middle Of The Road and The Troggs. Karsten uses the "free time" to distribute some promotion material for the SAILOR websites.
At 9.40 pm it is finally time for SAILOR, so that we decide to place ourselves right in front of the stage now. The only problem is that we all have to stand on the hill so that it is pretty difficult not to fall down backwards. Lody, Pieter and Gerd also join us on the hill, so that we can all wait for our favourite band together. The stage is made ready for SAILOR and they can finally start their performance at 10 pm.
SAILOR´s performance is really good, and the whole audience enjoys it very much. One of the most marvellous moments is during "The old Nickelodeon sound", while all the 3000 people raise their arms and move them from right to left, from left to right ... ! SAILOR have to give several encores, including their special performance dressed as captains and a second "La
Cumbia", during which Henry jumps off the stage in order to dance through the audience.
After SAILOR´s performance is over we all drive back to SAILOR´s hotel and want to go into the bar in order to wait for them there. This does not work because the "very nice" manager of the hotel refuses to let us in. Having had quite an unfriendly discussion with him we give up trying and decide to wait in front of the main entrance of the hotel until SAILOR come back from their gig. While we are waiting we talk and look at photos from the last concerts.
SAILOR come back to the hotel 30 minutes later, and we tell Phil and Henry that we are not allowed to go into the bar of the hotel. Phil and Henry both try to talk to the responsible guys at the reception, but that does not work either. So they decide to come out and talk to us in front of the hotel.
A few moments later Henry and Phil really come out and talk to us in front of the hotel. They have brought some posters and promotion material for the "Live in Berlin" album for all fans and sign everybody´s posters and T- shirts. Both SAILORs are so impressed by the SAILOR T- shirt of Gerd Schwonke that they ask him to make two more T- shirts of the same kind for them.
After a few minutes of nice conversation the two SAILORs say goodbye to us. We decide to go to the entrance of the bar in order to talk to Peter and Grant, who are both so nice to come out in order to talk to us a moment later. Phil also comes out of the bar again in order to spend some more time with his fans. It turns out that Grant is also interested in one of Gerd´s special SAILOR T- shirts.
Many photos, autographs and discussions later the three SAILORs leave us and go back into the hotel. We stay outside the hotel for a little while in order to listen to some SAILOR and "Hi Ho Silver" songs in the radio of my car. Then we have to say goodbye to Lody, Pieter and Gerd - who go back to their hotel - and to Michael - who has to drive back home to Bremen now. Christel and Andreas stay for another few minutes and then they also leave in order to drive home.
Karsten and I reach our hometown Kassel at 5 o´clock in the morning...
Copyright by Katrin Wagner 1999

SAILOR are the highlight of the Open-Air-Party

Everybody knows their hits - partycrackers like "A Glass Of Champagne", "One Drink Too Many" and of course "Girls Girls Girls". But what many people have not seen yet is the marvellous live show of the English hit- factory "SAILOR". On June 12th it will be possible to see them live at the "Golden Oldies"- Festival at the area of the brewery Bielstein. The open air concert which is presented by the OVZ starts at 6 pm. Before the four blue boys from SAILOR can finally enter the stage, three other legends from the 60s and 70s are going to perform: "Marmalade", Middle Of The Road" and "The Troggs" start the four- hour show at the Erzquell- brewery...

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