Stuttgart, Germany - 24 & 25 March 1995

Event: TV: SWF "Porsche Oldie Night"
Location: Hans Martin Schleyer- Halle
Bands: SAILOR, Chubby Checker, Chris Andrews, The New Seekers, Christie, Hot Chocolate

Photos by: Christel Müller

Some pictures were taken from the video recording of this TV show, so please excuse that the quality is not the best!


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in Stuttgart, Germany, in March 1995... Check out Georg, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "The Old Nickelodeon Sound":

Promotion for the Oldie Night with SAILOR in Stuttgart

The live show is a mixture between theatre and pop, the songs seem to include a bit of the "Dreigroschenoper" from Brecht and some Latin American sounds.
The instrumentation includes various Mexican and - typically and unique - a "music-monster" named Nickelodeon, with which unique piano and street organ sounds can be created. The name of the band that is respondible for such a strange musical mixture: SAILOR. It all started in 1970, when two good friends, Georg Kajanus and Phil Pickett, decided to do "something different" in the studio and were joined by the musicians Grant Serpell and Henry Marsh. The four of them were right. Their first two albums went gold. The song "Girls Girls Girls" became very popular and "A Glass Of Champagne" a huge hit too.
SAILOR were very successful until 1978. Then they broke up. The band members went their separate ways. Georg Kajanus, responsible for the SAILOR-sound and composer of all the "Classic" hits of the band, started painting and writing in Acapulco. Phil Pickett started a new carreer with another George - Boy George - in Culture Club Karriere. Grant Serpell went back to what he had learned a long time ago and worked as a teacher for Chemistry. Henry Marsh wrote music for the English television and the musical "Malibu" together with Barry Mason.
In 1989 SAILOR reformed with all the original members. The fans of the band enjoy it, because now they can't only listen to their new hits but also to the old favourites from the 70s and sing along more or less loudly.


SAILOR during "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"



Christel together with Georg

Christel together with Grant

Christel together with Henry

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