Goslar, Germany - 13 August 1994

Event: Open Air Oldie night
Bands: The Equals, Hot Chocolate, Shakin' Stevens, Suzi Quatro, SAILOR

Photos by: Manuela Bath, Sabine Kriegel



Henry and Phil

Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

I had to drive to the Oldie Night in Goslar on my own because my sister Katrin was on holiday.
I reached the town of Goslar at midday and went to the open air area where the Oldie Night with SAILOR should take place.
Fortunately I was able to stand in the first row of the audience. There I met some other nice SAILOR fans: Manuela and Magret, Sabine and her little daugther Cilia (who was dressed like Georg), and some fans from the Netherlands who had come all the way to see our boys.

SAILOR arrived very late while the Oldie night had already started. That's why Henry had to get the Nickelodeon ready for their performance while the other bands were performing.
But it was raining all the time, and when it finally was time for SAILOR to perform they noticed that it had rained on the Nickelodeon through a hole in the roof above the stage. Because of the rain the keyboard on Phil's side of the Nickelodeon did not work any more.
Suddenly everybody got very excited, and SAILOR brought the Nickelodeon to the backstage area again in order to try to fix the keyboard. In the meantime another band had to perform.
Now SAILOR were the last band of the show. They could not fix Phil's keyboard, so that a keyboard from Suzi Quatro's band was placed on the Nickelodeon instead.
Unfortunately we saw quite a short SAILOR performance because of all these problems. Only Phil was happy because the bass side of the Nickelodeon was much louder than usual.
After the concert I went backstage and helped Georg, Grant, Henry and Phil with their instruments.
Copyright by Karsten Wagner 1994)

Little SAILOR-fan Cilia together with SAILOR
(left to right:) Phil, Henry, Georg, Grant and (in front) Cilia

Cilia together with Georg

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