Gehrden, Germany - 30 September 1995

Event: Oldie Night
Location: Festival tent
Admittance: 5 pm
Beginning: 7 pm
Bands: Tasco And The Troublemakers, The New Seekers, SAILOR, Smokie

Photos by: Karsten Wagner, Katrin Wagner, Christel Müller
Video by: Michelle Serpell


  • Grant's special journey report
    This is a very special concert/journey report from Grant Serpell - with special thanks to Grant & Michelle Serpell for filming and providing this material.
    See the soundcheck/preparations plus some more funny "behind the scenes" material, a lot of very enthusiastic fans and some extracts of the concert.

    filmed by Michelle Serpell ©


Grant during "Traffic Jam"

Phil playing his bass guitar during an unplugged version of "Traffic Jam"

Henry during "Traffic Jam"

Grant during his announcement for
"The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

Georg playing the Charango

Phil during "Traffic Jam"

Georg and Henry during "Give Me Shakespeare" - Henry is just disappearing in the fog...

The songs that SAILOR played in Gehrden:

The Secretary
La Cumbia
Girls Girls Girls
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Traffic Jam
Two Ladies On The Corner
Vera From Veracruz
Latino Medley
A Glass Of Champagne

Champagne Reprise
Give Me Shakespeare

A concert review by Karsten Wagner:

We arrive in the small town Gehrden near Hannover very early. In the hotel Katrin and I meet the bands who had performed here yesterday, including Suzi Quatro and Showaddywaddy.
While the other bands leave the hotel, we wait for SAILOR. A short time later some other SAILOR-fans join us: Sabine and
SAILOR fans have to "feed" Grant with pizza... her daughter Cilia, Marina and her family (Michael and Michaela).
SAILOR arrive at the hotel one hour later. We show the new SAILOR "greatest hits" CD that was released by Sony a few weeks ago. Georg and Phil both decide to buy one of those CDs from us because they did not know anything about the release of this compilation which also includes songs from the 1980 "Dressed For Drowning" album.
Georg has very much luggage, so that I help him to bring the guitar and all his other bags into the hotel.
Later Katrin and myself drive to the festival tent where the Oldie night is going to take place by following the guy with the Nickelodeon-car.
Now it is time for the soundcheck. The SAILOR guys are very hungry and don't have any time to eat, so that the fans Cilia and Michaela have to feed Grant with their pizza (see photo on the left).
We stand in the first row together with all the other SAILOR fans: Norbert, Christel, Inka, Claudia, Marina, Michael, Michaela, Manuela, Magret, Sabine, Cilia and Tobias... SAILORs show is absolutely great, especially their special perfect version of "Traffic Jam" and "Two Ladies On The Corner" with Henry on a small extra keyboard, Phil with a bass-guitar and Grant on a new drum-construction developed by Georg.
Grant's wife Michelle is there too. She is so kind to record a special video for Katrin and me (absolutely wonderful!!).
After the concert some funny things happen:
The cook of the hotel asks me for an autograph because he thinks I am Georg Kajanus.
Georg and his girl-friend Barbie ask me: "Where did you buy your new captains-cap?" I tell them that I discovered it at a second-hand market in our hometown Kassel.
Copyright by Karsten Wagner 1995

Karsten together with Phil

Christel together with Grant and Henry

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